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Filewell Shelving

T-Glide Keeps Your System on Track
If your office is constantly plagued by files that simply disappear, items that drop out and folders that get lost in a filing drawer somewhere, now is the time to employ some of the Filewell's clever lateral thinking.

The unique T-Glide central rail and hook system sets Filewell apart.  Because the T-Glide system "locks" the file folder from the centre, it's held more fimly in place. Every file lines up neatly with identification tabs being easily visible for quick identification and selection.

Save on overheads in the long term by using less floor space.

Flexibility - The T-Glide Key
European designed Australian made.  This outstanding system has been formulated to offer your business higher efficiency.

For this reason, it is a system that you can start in a small way and let grow as you grow.  The Filewell T-Glide System will fit easily into any given situation.

Cupboards, racking, strongrooms, against walls, even on desks, movable trolleys, or inside existing cupboards.  It's that good.

Keeping tabs on your files
Simply Col'R'Tab gives you a wide choice of ways to improve your records management with a range of labels, from colour coding to label protectros and Extenda-Folder strips.

Folders can be filed by alpha or numeric orer, by year or any other specific index method you may devise, and made instantly identifiable.  By far the biggest benefit of colour coding is that mis-files are virtually eliminated.  Files in correct sequence from coloured bands, a file out of sequence breaks that band.

It's so simple. Yet so efficient.  You can keep tabs on the whereaouts of a file no matter where it is in the office.