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Cantilock® Cantilever Racking

Maximising warehouse storage is of primary concern to many organisations. Whilst ordinary racking systems can cope with standard palletised items, a special rack system is needed for long, irregular and awkward loads.

Brownbuilt Cantilock cantilever racking has the design flexibility to accomodate loads ranging from 100kg to in excess of 3000kg per arm and provide ease of product selection.

Cantilock columns are available up to 8 metres in height and centres can be selected to suit individual storage requirements.

Cantilock arms utilise a patented clamping mechanism to lock the arms onto the columns flanges, allowing for infinite vertical height adjustment. A clear junction between the arms and column face prevents stock damage.

Cantilock arms have a wide bearing surface to protect delicate stock with end stops that can be easily removed or replaced through a simple bolted assembly. A range of liftout stop lengths is available to suit individual load requirements.