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Brownbuilt Filing Systems

Anti-tilt Vertical Filing Cabinet

Brownbuilt has a heritage of manufacturing filing cabinets that lead the Australian market in both engineering and design.

Brownbuilt's stylish, contemporary slimline exterior design,featuring an aesthetic finger-grip alloy handle,is matched by superior internal engineering.

For strength and stability, the carcass features a sturdy welded support frame, a welded top and a metal base plate.

Brownbuilt's painted full height drawer body ensures that your files are fully supported and prevents files falling into the cabinet.

A progressive ball bearing runner assembly fully extends to allow complete access to every drawer and has been tested with a 30kg load to over 50,000 cycles to ensure that it can stand up to the toughest treatment. 

The Brownbuilt filing cabinet runner system incorporates a standard drawer lock-out mechanism, which stops tilting by preventing more than one drawer being open at the same time. Buffers within the runner members prevent closed drawers from drifting open, for additional operator safety.

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Lateral Filing Cabinet

These multi-functional storage units suit personal or communal file access and provide additional work surfaces or work area partitions. A progressive ball bearing runner system fully extends smoothly even when fully loaded to allow complete access to each drawer. Designed for optimal load carrying capability, Brownbuilt Lateral Files feature welded internal cabinet and base frame assemblies.

Drawer bodies are rigid, two-piece constructions, with full height backs to provide extra strength and prevent file loss. Integrated adjustable suspension hanger frames can be installed to suit allow foolscap file storage either front-to-rear or laterally across the full width of the drawer.

Brownbuilt Lateral Files have been designed to provide superior operator safety, utilising a drawer lock-out mechanism that allows only one drawer to be open at a time.

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Legato Anti-Tilt Filing Cabinet

The Brownbuilt Legato Anti-tilt filing cabinet has been engineered to provide reliable and practical office storage.

Legato's new ball bearing runner system has been designed for quiet, smooth drawer operation.

Runners extend fully to provide unhindered access to the high-sided zincseal drawer, and the high tolerance design prevents jamming. The Legato ball bearing runner system has been load tested to 50,000 drawer cycles with a 30kg load, to ensure durability and now features a standard drawer lock-out mechanism for safety.

Brownbuilt surrounds the Legato's smooth, reliable drawers with a strong dependable cabinet, supported by a structural welded internal frame.

The Legato drawer front features the classic Brownbuilt dished drawer front, incorporating a full width aluminium handle for ease of drawer operation.

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Mobile Pedestal

The Brownbuilt Mobile Pedestal has been engineered to combine the strength and durability of full metal construction with an aesthetic design that will compliment any desk or workstation system.

The carcass structure allows for ease of file storage, front-to-rear, and the flexibility for installation under desks or return.

A range of carcass heights and drawer configurations, including file and legal drawer sizes, maximise storage. Brownbuilt Mobile Pedestals are available with standard 4-wheel bases and counter-weighted bases for additional stability.

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Index Card Cabinets

Brownbuilt card cabinets have been specifically designed for storage of the most common index card sizes.

Configured as two drawer units, each card cabinet has nesting domes for vertical stacking to maximise office storage space.

Index cards are retained within each drawer by individual adjustable compressor plates. Card location is assisted by the provision of large index label areas in each handle.

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Horizontal Plan File Cabinets

Brownbuilt horizontal plan files have been engineered for safe, efficient storage of diverse materials ranging from plans, maps, charts, photographs, engineering drawings, artwork through to geological and biological samples.

Available in 6 and 10 drawer configurations to suit individual storage and access requirements, Brownbuilt horizontal plan files have numerous design features that ensure long-lasting, reliable storage.

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