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It is essential to have efficient movement of materials for many businesses.  Particularly if your company is running a warehouse environment, it is important to have equipment that is safe and durable and will reduce the amount of time it takes to retrieve things from inventory.

There are a number of different solutions available from The OFS Group that can manage exactly what you need to move.  There are Materials Handling trolleys that are outfitted with durable wheels that can handle even the heavier loads.  Some of them are telescoping if you need to get a lift in a certain situation in order to bring a load up to a ramp or high shelf.

Motorized trolleys are also available that can make the job easier.  You can discuss the requirements with a representative from The OFS Group to ensure that you are meeting any applicable regulations and providing something that is safe and efficient for your employees to use.

There are situations where hand trucks, metal mesh baskets, movable ladders and trolley tables are required.  Talk to us to see what options are possible and what would be the most cost efficient method of moving your materials around the warehouse.

For the utmost in safety and fast materials handling, The OFS Group uses equipment that is provided by Team Systems.  This allows the necessary variety of products and the durability that is required for even heavier industrial situations.  Whatever the need for materials movement, there is something that will make things easier for your company to get the job done.