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Finding an organized method of storing necessary equipment and tools is important to a Brisbane business.  Whatever it is that needs to be put away, the amount of space taken to do it and the accessibility of the materials must be efficient.

With the OFS Group Brisbane storage solutions, it is possible to get versions that will accommodate everything from the smallest tools to the largest parts or pieces that must be kept safe and easy to retrieve. 

A variety of different brands are available that can be used together or alone to make the most of the existing space.  Instead of spending more money on finding additional storage space, the best answer is often to use what is already there to its best potential.

High density storage is possible with the Boscotek drawer solutions.  Smaller compartments can house even the smallest pieces to ensure that they are ready in hand when they are needed.  Different depths of drawer and various configurations are there no matter what material needs to go inside.

Security and safety are also an important component.  Rugged designs used in the construction mean long service life and easy access.  Strong hardware will ensure that even heavier pieces can be stored without concern about the shelving holding up.

If more storage is required in a larger warehouse space, it is possible to set up raised mezzanine floors made from construction materials that are built to be sturdy and long-lasting.  Talk to a representative of the OFS Group to find out what is possible for your company.