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mezzanine flooring

If there is an existing warehouse being used by your Brisbane business, it may make more sense to make optimum use of the area instead of trying to get more space.  Finding an additional location is sometimes not convenient and might be prohibitively expensive.

An innovative solution is to implement raised storage areas that are available from The OFS Group Brisbane.  These are created with decking that can provide a mezzanine flooring area that is sturdy and can substantially increase the amount of storage space that is available.

One of the advantages of using a solution like this is that it can be changed when necessary.  Despite the strong arrangement of the structures, they can be broken down if the layout needs to be changed.  Varying amounts of inventory for storage units can easily be accommodated.

Talk to a representative from The OFS Group to determine exactly what Raised Storage solution would be best for your Brisbane business.  A variety of materials can be used for the flooring to provide the perfect solution.  Hardwood, steel, plywood or particle boards are all available as options.

You can contact the people at The OFS Group Brisbane to see what kind of configurations have been used before and get some ideas about one of the best in the space that you need to manage.  Even heavier loads can be accommodated with materials that will handle up to 5kpa.  There's no need to spend more than necessary for viable raised storage solutions that make the most of the space that is already available.