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Storage and inventory control is extremely important to many businesses.  The OFS Group Brisbane can devise something that makes the most of the available warehouse space and provides an effective solution for the retrieval of important merchandise or stocks.  A variety of different Pallet Racking solutions are possible depending on the budget and the amount of storage required.

One of the most cost effective Pallet Racking solutions is the selective racking system that is available from Brownbuilt.  It is preferred by many businesses because it offers the ability to easily retrieve pallets and makes access simple by lift truck.

For greater quantities of products that are standard in size, a drive-in racking system may be preferable.  This is advantageous because it allows for a greater amount of storage within a given amount of space.  This option also provides a flexible answer with safety in mind.

For specific requirements that involve irregular shapes, a cantilock cantilever system may be ideal.  This is another excellent product from Brownbuilt and it provides advanced flexibility for various sized materials.  It can even be used for heavier loads up to 3000 kg.

On top of the various palette racking products that are available from The OFS Group, there are a number of accessories that will complete the arrangement.  Decks from Mantamesh that are easy to arrange and durable are offered.  For optimum versatility, there are also Monkeymesh decks provided in modular designs.

If your Brisbane company has specific Pallet Racking or warehousing requirements, talk to the experts at The OFS Group to find out what will work best at a cost that fits your budget.