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Brisbane Mobile Shelving

The OFS Group can outfit your company with shelving solutions that make sense.  Space is allocated at a premium for any business and it is crucial that whatever needs to be stored can be accessed quickly and easily.  It is possible to store a vast amount of material in a small space when the right option is chosen.

With the Versatrac mobile shelving system, your Brisbane business can have a mobile shelving set-up that optimizes the most of the available floor space and it incredibly easy to use.  Strong hardware makes it easy to move the shelving when something needs to be retrieved. 

The mobile shelving can be arranged on aluminium tracks that can handle heavy loads and still facilitate easy movement by an employee.  The installation of the tracks is relatively quick and easy and a storage system that is useful and versatile can be implemented in a short period of time with a minimum of interruption to regular operations.

One of the major advantages of shelving systems such as this is the flexibility they offer.  You can change the configuration quickly to adapt to changing file systems or inventory.  You can even have it relocated when the need arises.

If there is concern about an uneven floor, this can also be accommodated by the Versatrac system.  The plate system that is used can level the entire structure so that movement remains easy even when there is a large amount of weight put on the shelves.  Convenience, safety and efficient storage are all possible with Brisbane Mobile Shelving solutions from the OFS Group.