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Brisbane High Density Storage

There are times when a large amount of material or equipment needs to be stored in a small amount of space.  As the perfect time to use one of the Brisbane high density storage options that are offered by The OFS Group.  They can handle a variety of different applications leaving your work area clean and easy to manage.

The Brisbane high density storage applications that are provided by The OFS Group are produced by BOSCOTEK.  These have a reputation for being extremely durable and having above average mechanisms to ensure that drawers do not stick and whatever you store will be easy to retrieve.

Intelligent options are included with the high density storage cabinets.  Only one drawer can be opened at a time, ensuring that the weight balance is not too far forward.  This anti-tilt system not only protects the contents of the drawers but also the people that are using them.

It doesn't matter what kind of objects need to be stored in the drawers.  Different configurations are available for items that will need more depth or will be substantially wider.  Everything from small tools to map drawers can easily be included.  It is also possible to change the configuration down the road if requirements change.

If security is important, there are also locking options to keep the contents of the drawers safe.  It is possible to make things easily accessible if that is what would be required or make them very hard to get if that is preferable.  Speak to The OFS Group in Brisbane about setting up a High Density Storage system perfect for your business.