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The OFS Group can offer everything that is required to get your office up and running.  From office furniture including file cabinets, desks and chairs to audio visual equipment that can help with presentations or simply improve the communication in the office environment.

All kinds of solutions are available and can be tailored to suit your needs.  You can find a whiteboard for making presentations that has a number of innovative new design features included.  An aluminium pen tray makes writing utensils or other materials convenient and easy to access.  Rounded corners add to the safety and easy mounting options are included.

If you need something for posting, it is possible to get a combination corkboard and whiteboard set-up.  This allows for more efficient use of space and versatility in an area where you need to communicate.  Bulletin boards are also available for putting up employee postings or using as message boards.  Attractive colours are available to suit any office environment.

For the ultimate in versatility, it is possible to get a rail system that can allow you to move different components around.  This can be perfect for a presentation room or a training area when a larger amount of dynamic information must be introduced.

If the presentation requires higher technology, projectors are also available that can allow you to set up and deliver a polished presentation anywhere.  If you have a Audio Visual Equipment need, talk to The OFS Group and they will be able to tailor a solution that matches it perfectly.